by Rabbideer

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Eat this shit up nerds, it's gonna be the last release for awhile.
There's a bonus track in the downloads, it's worth it.


released August 9, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Rabbideer (Brendan, Dylan, and Tyler)



all rights reserved


Rabbideer South Salem, New York

weve been at this for 2 long and we are very tired.

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Track Name: Marbled
Separate pieces of separate pencils being pushed off of a desk
Screaming at scrambled statues marbled
Mashed into decay
There should be no delay
Of all the single days, all days seem the same

And I can’t wait for a blending
When feeling becomes natural again
To accept all of these changes
Eat my mind away
For each day to become a dozen is a blessing, and I pray

And I think of all the things I’ve said in the past
Yeah, I have regrets, but they point me the right way
And I put my mind to wild thoughts
That build the wrong way
But after even quick talks, every fear becomes okay.

I’ll grow strong for it
I’ll find time for it
I won’t grow blind from it
And greet with welcoming smiles after it
Track Name: Lysterine Shots
pairs of hot pink towels
innocence in beaded eyes
that stare up all around me
and I can watch the future fly by

empty soda bottles full of hyped out teens
scattered next to shot glasses full of lysterine
I cannot believe the things that i have seen
Cause I haven’t seen half of what I’d like to see

the gauntlet is approaching
I pass a torch to weary faces
so content in their daydreaming
they pay as much attention as there parents do to them

empty soda bottles full of hyped out teens
scattered next to shot glasses of lysterine
I cannot believe the things Ive seen
cause I haven’t seen half of what i’d like to see

finish your milk you’ll be too old for it someday
finish your beer you’ll be too old for it someday
finish your drugs you’ll be too old for them someday
finish your life you’ll be too old for it someday
So promise not to outgrow anything you love
Track Name: Cicada
i’ll take a walk to collect my change
Changes bring beginnings to the smallest things
But only reminders make me feel this way
And I never want to forget

Cascading rains shatter the stones
Along the shores of what used to be, oh so pleasant
Where did my confidence go?
I want my confidence back

I see in colors and shapes I thought I’d see this way
I’m photographic and holographic you can see right through me
I’m anxious and shallow and I can see right through me

But I’m ok and it’s all fine
Track Name: Bossadeer
I was watching a bible burning black
So I threw it on a welcome mat
The store window said “man, we’ll be right back”
I never went back

I held a hostage to the sky
I laughed through the screams and cries
The watchers all said “man, what a fucked up guy”
And closed their eyes, turned back

I hear birds awaken through the sun risen light
And danced among the glitters off the starlit night
Oh what a joy it was to explore the left from right
Of someone shining so bright

Outlandish days and further winters
Bring a spring so long it splinters
In our great earth so large
The sun shines in even the coldest yards