We Are Sadder Than You EP

by Rabiddeer

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A collection of original sad, dreamy and weird (albeit quietly mixed) acoustic-shoegaze tracks. Thanks for listening!

Lyrically, the songs consist of 2-4 am mumbling.


released January 12, 2014

Brendan Cullen - Guitar, Vocals, Bongos
Dylan Citron - Guitar, Vocals, Bongos, Harmonica, Electric Piano



all rights reserved


Rabbideer South Salem, New York

weve been at this for 2 long and we are very tired.

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Track Name: Good Effort (Take 6)
With no inflections
Inflation of winter nights
Bring brightness when needed
But whatever happens in the end

All that connection it's always so
Strenuous, stressed, ended
so suddenly

We run past the corners
Of calendar pages
They rip as we tread and then
Close in on where we want to be


Radiant Light, Radiant Light
Track Name: Saturday Night Dreamer
Track Name: We're Not Trying Very Hard

This world used to be so hugely/unusually safe/sane (I kind of forgot)
Track Name: Tail of a Rabbideer
Lost in the day from a street dried from forest that is hanging overhead like a cloud of leaves we no longer live in a world with the hopeful it's all become small and simple from the phones and we realized how close we were to each other, and that there's nowhere to go from here. From demons that grew onto me to become my own, followed my footsteps set in stone. My favorite pictures are the ones where your smiling My favorite love is the one I am missing There is so much to be missing There is so much we are leaving. You fill a gun with questions and shoot them to the sky. The moon responds with brightness, and on your knees you begin to lie to yourself. Fixated on a single star the distance between you and it cause in your mind your thinking that is further than anyone I ever loved will ever be from me.
Set in stone like a setting sun.
Track Name: Retrograde
People only remember who you were not who you are
you build stories from pencils
from all the learning you quickly went through
they said you were childish for having such fun
broken sticks would have felt like something too kind
you wished for yourself
but quick gradual changes make you embarrassed for what you had been
then feeling remorseful all of the others revert to youth
but now, treatment is less kind, broken in other physical ways
All we are is people thinking in reverse
physicality is an interesting idea how millions of insignificant ants
could change so much yet matter so little
with so many that exist yet we are completely different in the largest of ways
but those differences arent cherished
we arent proud of the single thing that makes us any more memorable than the next
we bury it deep beneath thousands of hand picked lies
hobbies activities
will we start to question without putting a name on the groups that
try so very hard to stand out
but assigning oneself to the group is not unique
all we are is people thinking in reverse