by Rabbideer

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released June 30, 2014

Thank you to Emily and Droolia for being our album cover

Brendan - Guitar and Uke
Dylan - Singin' and all the other stuff



all rights reserved


Rabbideer South Salem, New York

weve been at this for 2 long and we are very tired.

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Track Name: Skip Day
The leaves reflect the sun like raindrops of light
My thoughts become secondary to the white noise which unblurs the less I think
The closer you look the more colors you see, yet focusing only seems to fade them
I'm still flying with only my eyes
Trees and houses fly the other direction. They must have someplace to go.
I used to wake every morning thinking if I can get through this day it will lead into the next.
That was my long term plan, continuously drift through the ocean of days until the salt sterilized my desires, dreams, desires.
Track Name: Paint Fumes
Takin names lost in their motion
Takin off but not without stopping
At every check along the way
Oh I though I heard someone say

"We are in bodies so small with spirits so tall they could break us all"
And I turned my music back on so I wouldn't have to think
Another of my own goddamn thoughts

But these nights paint my ceiling like
Murals with images and remembrances
Oh the days they shorten when your nights are long

Bodies on fire kill off the sinners
So we can be better
Fight off the wild the nature
So we can be safer

Stick it all up your ass
Track Name: Rabbit Hoof
Winter dry my bones
Pleasure then her song
They were all about you
You were smiling
Pictures all above you
Into smiling throws
You saw my bones
They lay all around you for a day
You will awaken in summer nights
All the days are holidays
That throw you away

Springtime show me out
I am in such doubt
Days that you could bring there
People that you lost inside your subtle mysteries
The leaves in the trees

Tops and Branches, Topsy Turvy
Light bulbs on a breakdown and the spear throws
Track Name: Hobbies
Old signs now
Sing such tunes
To retell stories in our minds

Though you could be a fallen
Tree in a silent forest
Oh would you be, would you be
Of all we've come to love
Old photographs we bleached in sunlight
To remember these
As the good days
Track Name: Out Rainbows
I forget whoops :E
Track Name: Echoes
Classic mumblin
Track Name: Canals
Mumblin' sorry whoops
Track Name: Woodstock
I was off on a tangent again
All the things that I said
Like I love all my friends
But do we ever tell them?

I was running down that hill
And running I am still
But towards a better brightness
And things cannot be like this forever

So take your time to realize who you really are,
Or you'll force your fall apart
Our downfall is our greatest pleasure

So I smile with the wide eyes of a child
Out into the wildness of civilization
For the first time with excitement