Fake Polaroids

by Rabbideer

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A late night full length album a few weeks in the making.


released February 5, 2014

Brendan - Guitar and Vocals
Dylan - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Piano/Synth, Bongos, "Drums"

The album cover is a picture of Smella



all rights reserved


Rabbideer South Salem, New York

weve been at this for 2 long and we are very tired.

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Track Name: Good Effort
With no inflections
Inflation of winter nights
Bring brightness when needed
But whatever happens in the end

All that connection it's always so
Strenuous, stressed, ended
so suddenly

We run past the corners
Of calendar pages
They rip as we tread and then
Close in on where we want to be


Radiant Light, Radiant Light
Track Name: Godspeed! You Black Rabbideer
Track Name: The Northeast Woodlands
Please be nice to me
nice to me
nice to meet you
comfort me
nice to me
nice to me
nice to meet you
comfort me

In the forest I grow strong
In the darkness I grow up
Track Name: Walk Wildly, Blind Men
Your breaths mechanical
Eyes maniacal

Heading wildly in past directions
of grandeur of glory of life you've lived out

Days that came and passed
Spin their rhymes with fast beginnings
and miss their marks in the end
You know how they end
Track Name: I Could Sleep For Days
Oh yourself
Please don't show the sounds
We'll frolick in the houses
We leave space in the mirrors or the windows;
I see through both
I see right through myself

I cling on faster than love or lust
its the trust that I was missing
I love the way things are
I already feel so far
I'm already just so far
I could see the dust for miles but I climbed in anyways
And I could sleep for days
I could sleep for days

I could sleep for days in my empty bed
In my empty room
Empty with my thoughts of you
Track Name: Interlude

I dare you to figure out what I'm sayin'

I've tried it myself I can't do it.
Track Name: The Ballad of Chuck and Sarah
"I've never had a real home and I wanted this to feel like one"

When my home sprouted legs and ran away from me
I was young, much to scared to follow
I no longer have now what I took for granted then
And my friends became my sisters and my brothers

I knew I was always right
I'd find somewhere sometime
Where everything would fit right for me
It just takes some time

When my home sprouted legs and ran away from me
I was young, still susceptible to lovers
Your tricks worked to well, I think you fooled yourself
Into becoming something you thought you could never

Oh, your defenses are too high
I'd love to see you tonight
Just us alone and nobody watching over me
Without our normal lives

Hey my dear
I whisper too your ear
[Let's just run away from here, we'll be so far within a year's time]
[Or left crying in your bedroom for denial of what feels so real]

When my home sprouted legs and ran away from me
It came back, in one form or another
Now I know where I go, I'll have a friend with me
and I love her
I love her
I love her

"I know that this has probably taken me longer than a normal girl, but I just want you to know; You're my home, Chuck. You always have been."
Track Name: Getting Closer
Mumbling, why fix what ain't broke?
Track Name: Crashed By Waves
Some weird moaning went down on this song
Track Name: Retrograde
People only remember who you were not who you are
you build stories from pencils
from all the learning you quickly went through
they said you were childish for having such fun
broken sticks would have felt like something too kind
you wished for yourself
but quick gradual changes make you embarrassed for what you had been
then feeling remorseful all of the others revert to youth
but now, treatment is less kind, broken in other physical ways
All we are is people thinking in reverse
physicality is an interesting idea how millions of insignificant ants
could change so much yet matter so little
with so many that exist yet we are completely different in the largest of ways
but those differences arent cherished
we arent proud of the single thing that makes us any more memorable than the next
we bury it deep beneath thousands of hand picked lies
hobbies activities
will we start to question without putting a name on the groups that
try so very hard to stand out
but assigning oneself to the group is not unique
all we are is people thinking in reverse